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From your dream to real life…we help you Design and Build your dream home

Building Greener Futures

As a Minnesota Green Home Builder, we believe sustainably built homes are a step we can take together to impact how we interact with climate and earth. Through our travels, we have seen the challenges other cities and countries have with pollution and air quality. It’s our opportunity to make the world a better place, one home at a time.

Paltrin Gallery

Design Services

Looking for help selecting hardware, finishes, colors and even the layout of your project? We can help. We also can show you a whole level of designer grades that we have available. 

The Living Home

Planning is everything when designing your new home or addition. The home is a living space and has to function for you the way you use it. Lets talk about that!

Build in the Love

When we take on a full home project, we ask ourselves throughout the project, is this something we would love to call home? To us, this is an important test of our work.

Build In Your Technology

Don’t forget the technology! Whether that means prewiring for TV and audio, or running a 240v lines for an electric car… time to consider your present and future needs is now. 

Support After The Sale

After you move into your home, your needs change but who you turn to does not have to. Whether it’s finding a lawn service, a dog watcher, a plumber or a painter… Paltrin has the connections.

Electronic Archive

For anyone who has spent time scouring the house for the owner’s manual or warranty papers on something… we are happy to also offer online archival access to anything we sell you. 

Passion for Change, Integrity, Honesty, and Contribution to Society.

We are a Minneapolis based, home design, building and renovation company that specializes in doing things a bit differently when it comes to creating your next home. Whether you dream of a smart, modern 2-story, a remodeled mid-century modern, or a quaint bungalow with that old-timer charm and today’s comforts… we understand what it takes to make that dream happen. Please take some time and browse around our site. If you have any questions for us, give us a shout. We would love to help you realize your next home dreams, whatever they may look like.

Justin Riddle, President, Co-Owner and Designer

Our Responsibility

We believe we have a moral and professional responsibility to educate ourselves and our customers to the benefit of programs such as these, and to implement these programs and materials whenever possible. We are particularly driven by the idea of this sort of fiscal and social responsibility so much so that we are making this a primary tenant of our mission. While every project we undertake is unique; it is that very opportunity that we have, to find new and innovative ways that we can bring these practices and others into play.

Our homes are always above building code standards.

A certified Passive House is considered to be the gold standard for a systems-based approach where advanced construction techniques, healthier material choices, improved air quality, smarter water consumption, and energy performance all intersect.

A Home You Will Love, A Legacy for Your Family

We understand what you’re looking for. Feel-Good Factor-Taking care of my (your) family. Your new home will be energy rated and tested. Most builders don’t go the extra level to get their homes rated. Difference between a high efficiency home and Passive House is that it is the best of the best.