Water Management

Save water, lower your water bill, and help control storm water.


As we become more and more conscious of what our impact is on the environment around us… some really wonderful solutions have been devised for homeowners and municipalities looking for ways to reduce stormwater run-off. The pressure to manage run-off has been turned on property owners in recent years. Many commercial buildings have been encouraged to install green roofs and large parking lots are incorporating catch-pools that the water goes into vs. running into the storm sewers. In some cities, the percentage of hard surface your property has is even surcharged for the displaced water.


Rain gardens are one of the easiest ways to manage the stormwater that your home and pavements displace. They are beautiful and they help to filter and reintroduce the water to the underground water table before it reaches storm sewers. The simplest solution also can be one of the most aesthetically pleasing with the installation of a rain garden at the borders of your property. Typically away from the house, they are dug down slightly below grade and then planted in with a collection of ornamental plants and wildflowers perennials. These plants root deeper than your lawn and help use up that water but also filter it. Rain gardens can be eclectically planted or done in very organized manner depending on the look desired. But it’s all done with the idea that we are being a good steward of the land and creating a more ecological way to manage the water that our homes, driveways, patios, and sidewalks shed.


Rain barrels and similar capture systems are another way to divert the water your home displaces. They can be used to water gardens and flowers and they often tie right into the downspouts on your home. This water is more nutrient-rich than city water and it can reduce the demands placed on city water supply during drought periods too. They can even be placed on a watering timer for your lawn. How’s that for innovative?

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