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Building above code standards.

What is a certified Passive House?

A certified Passive House is considered to be the gold standard for a systems-based approach where advanced construction techniques, healthier material choices, improved air quality, smarter water consumption, and energy performance all intersect. Building to this performance level cuts down on the amount of carbon-based fuel usage and we feel it is our way to serve society!

Our homes are always above building code standards.

A lot of people have heard stories about failed projects, or unfortunately experienced shoddy workmanship. For us it is a must to pay attention to the details and get it right. We take pride in our work and build each home as if it was our own. We wanted to build a company with a solid reputation that would sustain over time.  We carry pride, integrity, and an expectation that our homes will sustain for likely well over a hundred years. We continue to raise our game to another level. I once heard a saying that the “building code standard is the minimum bar that they will allow you to build”. To me this resonated even more with us. We see building code as a minimum performance bar. For us our baseline standard is Energy Star certified home.

Justin Riddle, President, Co-Owner and Designer
Better performance than an average building code level home

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