Super Insulation

Insulation that creates an enclosure for the home that greatly reduces energy loss.

What is Super Insulation?

Super insulation is a key technology driving the passive home and green home building innovations. The premise of super insulation is to create an enclosure for the home that is better suited for our extreme temperature swings seasonally and to eliminate the potential for gaps, settling, and there-by, energy loss.


What Are The Differences?

To better understand what this includes, one of the first differences between standard construction and super insulation construction is the wall thickness. The wall in a home with super-insulation is roughly twice as thick. This greatly increases the insulation factor for the home. Next the walls are insulated, and in one method they are filled with a blown-in cellulose insulation that compressed into place. Ensuring insulation stays where it was intended to be is an important key. The third component to the super insulation home is windows. The U-factor of the windows used in a super-insulated green home is a minimum of twice what is used in normal building code homes. The increased insulation when combined with a much more air-tight design ensure there is less energy loss or heat penetration during the hot months of summer.

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