About Us

We build from our own passions

A Family Run Home Design/Build Business

Paltrin was started in 2009 and run by husband-and-wife team, Justin Riddle and Tessa Lee. Their first project together was a home renovation in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. They discovered a mutual love of design, restoration and the overall transformation. Justin has a background as a scientist, and Tessa has a background in business. when you couple that with their passions for modernity, eco-consciousness and a drive for innovation, you get a very forward-looking company with its sights set on the future.

Our Mission

We are in the business of introducing you to your next home. Our mission as a company is to create homes that speak to people. A home is more than wood, glass and drywall. It is an evolving entity and we believe that the personality of the home, it’s features, location and flow connect it to its family and the community. We build homes that we would live in, ourselves.

Our Passion

We realize we are creating the next generation of homes and that carries a responsibility to do things smarter, better and with the devotion we would put into our own home. Our inspiration comes from design and function. The neighborhoods we go into are researched extensively and our motivation is driven by many of the same standards we personally live by. They aren’t just novelties – they are a lifestyle to us. Building greener houses – that use less energy, run cleaner, respect their place in nature and utilize renewable materials where possible is all part of achieving that goal. We are always looking for ways to bring more to our work… for instance consider what our future projects may hold: Solar clusters, rain gardens, super-insulation and electric vehicle charging stations are just a few of the ideas we are researching. It is an exciting time to be building innovative homes with all of the possibilities out there. 

Thank you for choosing a Paltrin Home. 

The Paltrin Team

Justin Riddle

President, Co-Owner and Designer

Justin has been doing renovation nearly his entire life. Helping his father at home, he learned the ins & outs of do-it-yourself projects. Working with his uncle in the summers through high school learning general contracting and construction. Years later, Justin bought his first home and restored it …then decided to move on and tackle another. He now leads a crew of people that are part of a hand-picked roster of experts working with Paltrin. With a scientist background, and a certified Six-Sigma Black Belt for project management and continuous improvement. At heart he is an artist and loves creativity. In his spare time he is playing with his twins.


Tessa Lee

Vice President, Co-Owner and CFO

Tessa Lee is our VP and Brand Owner. She is the glue that binds everything together at Paltrin. Her impeccable organization skills and her love of connecting with people influences everything we do. She is a key decision maker when it comes to the aesthetic of our home projects and she utilizes her background in marketing to also bring practicality to what we do. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, and spending time with her twins.


Genius Team

The people behind the scenes

We have a range of people who we credit with assisting us behind the scenes. We partner with the right people at the right times to get Class-A results and while many of them are independent agents… as we grow we will be bringing more of them online and introducing these magic makers to you. If you would like to be considered for our team, we are always looking to meet new folks.