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Build a truly energy efficient, economical and ecological house.
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GreenCrafted Homes™ Construction

Guided by an ethic of quality, sustainability and innovation Paltrin Homes builds GreenCrafted Homes™ for those who value the building standard of the Passive Home – a truly energy efficient, economical and ecological house.  The vast energy savings in GreenCrafted Homes™ are achieved by using especially energy efficient construction methods, components and a quality ventilation system. 

GreenCrafted Homes™ is a purposeful brand, built around the idea of green, future-built homes. And while we are still Paltrin, Greencrafted Homes™ is the product that you purchase and live in everyday. Introducing Greencrafted Homes™ by Paltrin.

At Paltrin our purpose is our passion. We believe GreenCrafted Homes™ – sustainably built homes – are a step we can take together to impact how we interact with our natural resources. It’s our opportunity to make the world a better place, one home at a time.

Home Electrification

We build to our client’s specifications; however, our preference is to be fully electrified (heat pump heating/cooling, heat pump water heater, electric range).

High Performance Wall Types

  • Double stud with cellulose
  • Advanced framing with exterior insulation, outsulation
  • T-stud with spray foam
  • Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS)


  • Air Sealing – We use multiple strategies to get quality level sealing, our average is 0.95 ACH50 with the lowest being 0.62 ACH50. 

Indoor Air Quality

ERV/HRV, powered radon fan, Dehumidifier, humidifier

The Phases

(Key Outcomes)

1. Preconstruction

  • Intake meeting
  • Review proposal
  • Project scope agreement

2. Construction

  • Selections review
  • Permits and zoning approvals
  • Breaking ground
  • In-process Check-ins/walkthroughs
  • Energy/performance inspections
  • Final walkthrough

Professional Certifications / Designations

PHIUS Certified Passive House Builder Logo

The Passive House Building Energy Standard promoted by PHIUS is one of the most rigorous building energy standards in the world. Those who have obtained the right through PHIUS to carry the graphic passive house logo and the PHIUS Certified Builder℠ designation, have committed themselves to design excellence and the passive house energy performance and quality criteria.

MN GreenPath Designated Builder logo

As a 2022 Designated Green Path Builder by Housing First Minnesota, through its Minnesota’s Green Path program. Paltrin LLC is considered an industry leader in energy-efficient residential home construction. The company is committed to energy testing a minimum of 75% of their newly built homes annually and attending annual training on green building.

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Partner

As a committed DOE partner who provides certified Zero Energy Ready Homes, Paltrin LLC is in the top one percent of builders in the country meeting the extraordinary levels of excellence in energy and performance specified in the national program requirements.

PHIUS Certified Builder